Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is this man a murderer?

If this Mail article is correct, Andy "spiv" Burnham—the current shadow health secretary—is at least partially responsible for the deaths of over 50,000 people.
Up to 50,000 ‘excess’ deaths were recorded at hospitals during the last Labour government.

As ministers prepare to respond today to the report into the Mid Staffordshire scandal, figures suggest the number of fatalities was ‘abnormally high’ at 15 further health trusts.

The research – by Sir Brian Jarman of Imperial College, London – covers 2001 to 2010.

Half of the hospital trusts he identifies were finally put into special measures this year – prompting accusations that neglect was not tackled despite a series of investigations.

Professor Jarman said: ‘I warned the Department of Health on multiple occasions about high hospital adjusted death rates; and witnesses have testified under oath there was huge government pressure, because the government hated the idea that a regulator would criticise it.

‘In fact, I was so concerned that I wrote to [Labour health secretary] Andy Burnham personally in March 2010 warning him about high death rates at five of the 11 hospitals now in special measures."

He won't be indicted for murder.

He won't even lose his job.

How do you feel about that…?


Antisthenes said...

CO2 is supposedly dangerous for the climate and ultimately humans evidence of which is sketchy but much cost and energy (excuse the pun)is being expended upon tackling it. However socialism in whatever guise it takes on Labour party, Cuba, Venezuela the list is long and growing is very dangerous for humans health and wealth for certain with plenty of evidence to support that fact yet the majority of humans support and promote it.

Anonymous said...

Murder is the deliberate act of killing a human being. Therefore, Burnham is not a murderer. However, by his politically led ideals and actions, he can be held to be complicit in the deaths of many people. Under such circumstances he could, if we could find anyone with enough influence and balls, to make an official allegation of manslaughter. I understand, though, that there is no political will to make such an allegation. One way would be for relatives of the deceased to form an action group and collectively pursue him through the civil court for malfeasance or impropriety in a public office.

john b said...

Extrapolating statistical variances into "X,000 DEATHS" is the kind of bullshit that the bansturbators normally come up with.

So no, of course Burnham didn't kill anyone; nor is he responsible for anyone's death, any more than winemakers are responsible for rises in the incidence of liver cancer.

Ed P said...

He's in line for Minister for Soylent Green in the coming Labour Government.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

@john b


Burnham was busy covering up and colluding with Nicholson and others to sweep anything and everything under the carpet - he's still got a quivering rear end in case anybody of consequence digs further or launches a manslaughter private prosecution.

He din't pull the trigger - he's the getaway car driver.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

In fairness he probably isn't a murderer as he didn't set out with the intention of killing. However a lot people died and he very clearly did not give a flying fuck about it. And that sort of chronic negligence would not go unpunised in a sane world...

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