Sunday, August 18, 2013

As you sow...

Whilst I find this kind of incident deeply depressing...
Stopped by police and branded a paedophile... for hiking with my son: WILL SELF reveals moment an innocent ramble became a nightmarish tale of modern Britain
... one can only point out that Will Self is part of the British media who have encouraged this sort of suspicion, lauded governments who have embraced it, and praised the fake charities who have fanned the flames.

But far, far worse are the stupid, vacuous, frightened fools who continue to elect the bastards who make all of this possible. And, to paraphrase Obi Wan Kenobi, "who is worse? The cunt, or the cunt who elects him?"


Anonymous said...

While I agree with your remarks about Self himself, a further point occurs to me, and that is "Why should being asked to explain yourself to a policeman be regarded as so embarrassing?". Self may be a walker, but I am an amateur geologist, and this also entails wandering about the country, looking over fences etc. I am only too happy to explain myself to anyone who asks. They normally turn away shaking their heads and wondering about lunatics' care in the community.

Of course, paedo-whatsit is the worst crime imaginable.

Oh yes, the security guard was also a cnut, but probably acted out of malicious envy that Self (who he recognised) was an even bigger cnut than he is.

John M said...

Given Self's own past history we should be more concerned with his child becoming an addict rather than being buggered with

DtP said...

Whey hey - top analysis. He really is a dick. But, let's not forget, if Labour had got anyone with an ounce of wit - they'd be creaming the polls

Cheers DK

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