Sunday, July 28, 2013

Those blogging principles…

When I retired The Kitchen (and mostly retired—full stop), I outlined the following as one of the reasons for quitting...
Further, when your humble Devil started blogging, those of us who were of different political opinions still adhered to certain standards of evidence and honesty: that sense of brotherhood has disappeared with the introduction of the financially-backed party political sites.

There are, of course, some bloggers around who still adhere to those principles; bloggers who were there when I started, and continue to write good stuff now: Unity is one of those.
I’m perhaps one of the last people you’d expect to see stepping up to defend Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) but you’d be wrong because there are principles that come into play whenever a blogger, even one as notorious as Guido, is subjected to an unjustified, hectoring attack by a bullying politician for reasons that have never been better expressed than by the playwright Robert Bolt...

Good for Unity—do pop over to his place for the full story. And good for Guido for setting the lawyers on the mendacious Claire Perry MP: it's about time that our public servants were reminded of who they work for.

And, more pertinently, that they are not above the law.

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