Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quote of the day...

... comes from Peter Oborne in the Telegraph.
The point is that the House of Commons cannot be relied on to defend traditional English liberties or the British way of life. Again and again, the nation has found itself relying on the good sense and sound instincts of the House of Lords, in particular the hereditary element.
There are so many instances, over the last decade or more, when it has been the House of Lords that has protected our freedoms from the spivs, bien pensants, scum, and fascist filth who inhabit the Commons. In short, the Upper House has long protected the citizens of this country from the tyranny of the majority.

Long live the Lords (and may they strike down the police state)!


JuliaM said...

Well, Labour clearly has a plan to subvert the Lords from within, if they can't abolish it!

Anonymous said...

Now we know why so many governments have been so hell-bent on abolishing that establishment - long may it remain!

Radical Rodent

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