Monday, January 14, 2013

It's an odd world, isn't it?

I would never, for instance, have expected to read the following headline:
Anti-gay activist lawyer guilty of child pornography after videotaping daughter

But it gets worse...
A New Hampshire lawyer who works with a virulently anti-gay Christian-right organization has been found guilty of child pornography charges after videotaping her own daughter having sex with two men on multiple occasions.

Lisa Biron, 43, of Manchester faces a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison after a jury convicted her yesterday. The jury deliberated for less than an hour.

Biron, arrested by the FBI last November, was accused of eight felony counts involving the videotaping of men having sex with a 14-year-old girl who was identified by the Associated Press as her daughter. She also allegedly made a cellphone video of herself having sex with her daughter.

Consider my mind boggled.


Dr Evil said...

If this was the basis of a dramatic play or film virtually everyone would dismiss it as unbelievable.

bilbaoboy said...

Pushes all the wrong buttons.

If true it is tragic, but even so, sounded so ridiculous it made me laugh.

Blue Eyes said...

You didn't believe that an anti-gay "Christian" campaigner could also be a total fuckwit?

John M said...

Only in America (reaches for Banjo)

DtP said...

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