Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well, they would, wouldn't they?

According to three rent-seeking councillors in the north of England, the Tory Coalition cuts "unfairly penalise northern England relative to the South".
The letter was a response to the latest cuts to council budgets announced earlier this month - of 2%, in addition to the reductions of about 28% already forced on authorities.

It was written by Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes, Sheffield leader Julie Dore, and Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson.

They believe northern English cities have been hit harder by the coalition government's austerity programme, partly because of the withdrawal of support to deprived areas in place under the previous government.

This is hardly surprising, is it?

And why are the cuts penalising the north of England? Because the cuts are universal across the whole of the country, but the north of England is in receipt of far more government cash than the south.

And why is this?

Because the south is where the wealth is created; it is then stolen from the wealth creators and funnelled up to the Welfare junkies in the north.

So, might I suggest that the good councillors stop their bloody whinging and, instead, throw their weight behind shale gas exploitation?
Thousands of high-skilled engineering jobs could be created in Lancashire by utilising shale gas resources, said the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The organisation predicted the creation of 1,300 jobs per year over a ten-year drill programme in the county and a total of 4,200 nationwide.

Dr Tim Fox from the institution said it would provide Lancashire with "a much-needed economic boost".

Wouldn't it be nice for the north of England to be at the forefront of another industry revolution: they could start earning their own money again.


john in cheshire said...

DK, you are of course correct, but for the change to take place, we'll have to kill all the greens and socialists. And too many of them live up here in the north.

Simon Jester said...

"we'll have to kill all the greens and socialists"

Oooh, can I help?

Rich Tee said...

It's not all bad. I just got a job with a rapidly expanding software company in the North.

However, as a Southerner living in the North I find the attitude of Northerners annoying. It's only this job that is keeping me here really.

I was sat in a pub yesterday overhearing a conversation with somebody who was obviously a teacher and it is really scary that if I had children they might be taught by him. Incredibly political on the left. I had to resist the urge to get up and wring his neck.

FlipC said...

London has around 14% of the population and contributes around 17% of the UK's GDP. Yup definitely the main wealth creators in the UK.

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