Sunday, December 30, 2012

8am is too early for work

Via Guido, I am as outraged as LBC's Julia Hartley-Brewer is about....
... this remarkable call from Paul, an unemployed man who turned down a job because he didn't want to start at 8am.

Paul has been unemployed for seven years and revealed that he was recently offered a job, but he thought it was unfair that he would have had to start that early.

The call infuriated Julia Hartley-Brewer, who was furious that he was still getting benefits, despite turning down employment.

Paul's mindset is a classic example of the selfish, rights-based idiocy embraced by altogether too many people: his first reasoning is that he shouldn't have to start because "everyone else starts at 9, don't they".

Paul also "doesn't see the point of working for low wages". I have news for you, Paul: almost everyone starts on low wages because, when you start out in work, your lack of experience means that your labour is not worth much.

The point of starting on low wages is that you gain the experience to enable you to move onto steadily higher wages. That is the point, Paul.

Regardless, many people are working in jobs that they don't particularly enjoy for wages that are very far from princely: however, there is absolutely no reason why these people should support the lifestyle of those who simply cannot be arsed.

The mind boggles, it really does...


JuliaM said...

Quite amusing that someone shows up ijn Guido's comments to claim that it's possible (and you know he really wants to say 'certain') that the man is a plant. A professional actor hired to help soften the advance of the Tories.

I guess it wouldn't occur to this Brains Trust that there's be no need to do this.

There are, frankly, too many Pauls out there. You can count on one showing up sooner, rather than later.

Rich Tee said...

As if the Tories would be organised enough, or even cunning enough, to organise a chat show plant.


Anonymous said...

Moderators are there to "block/with-hold/censor" good fair open comments.
Just imagine if the whole Net was censored at all times. Moderators would be out of a job and nothing would be discussed on the net.

Anonymous said...

This authoer is an idiot. Go fuck yourself. Moderate this you pathetic losers! Your job is blogging! FUCKING SAD! god i hate ugly people. thank god im beautiful

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